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Milk Booster and Suckle Soother - Natural organic herbal products to increase animal lactation and heal sore nursing nipples.

As more and more people realize the effectiveness of herbs, they are turning to quality herbal products to maintain the health and well being of their animals.

Nourish with Nature!
Each Mammal Mama lactation product starts with the finest certified organic herbs available. Our lactation supplements are tested for bacteria, lead and heavy metals. We retain samples from every batch and have a computerized tracking system to follow any bottle sold in every batch.

We invite you to try our Milk Booster and Suckle Soother products on your lactating animals. Whether you are looking for milk production support for your dairy cows, goats, rabbits, horses, etc., we are confident that you will see an immediate improvement in your animal’s milk supply and skin health.


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 increase dairy milk production